Vibrating Objects presents:“Meditation on the Harmonic Series III" by Dylan Kerr

“Vibrating Objects” was hosted by Sergey Kantsedal (@mimoletnuy) and Katya Kabalina (@katiekabalina) at Associazione Barriera (@associazionebarriera) on Saturday June 8th 2024. This Performative act has invited  the artist Dylan Kerr (@dylan__kerr) to bring his project “Meditation on the Harmonic Series III”. The audience was invited to engage in meditation guided by sound and light. The performance is the result of a short residency by the artist and HYPEROBJECTS at Barriera, focused on the production of a new sculptural Object that will become an organ of sound within Dylan Kerr’s body during the performance.

Dylan Kerr is an Irish artist based in Berlin. Working within improvisation, process composition, and just intonation, Dylan Kerr’s musical output links their research into sacred music and extended vocal techniques. They have recently been composing for sine waves and voice, and pipe organ and voice.


In collaboration with @UMANESIMO ARTIFICIALE, Hyperobjects presented in Teatro Della Concordia (San Constanzo) ‘FENÔMENO’, A synesthetic dance thought and performed by Aun Helden. This Opera piece is about the desire for a body beyond humans to experience life.
“I had this dream that I was a phenomenon, and suddenly all my feelings became a language I could speak. Like fireworks knocking down my human architecture”
@aunhelden is a Brazilian transdisciplinary artist who, using multiple media such as performance, dance, cinema and photography, develops perceptions about new imaginaries of a body, creating languages that escape human expectation, all in line with her semiotic and epistemological research into identities. Her work is done through synthetic brushstrokes, moving the structure of a body as if it were a sculpture about to fail. Creating a symbiosis between non-human structures and the identity process of a body, she creates visual operas of narratives that seem like fictions but are actually frictions between the dream-body created by Aun and the world and reality around it.

This gathering was part of the and on the same day there was the “Hacking the Future” Workshop organized in collaboration with @crux.desperationis (Kabul Magazine)

Hyperobjects took care of the scenography setting “Uroboro” and of the creation of a foot extension, The H-Ymen shoes. Computally grown in a diseased embryo, H-ymen want to create an emotional connection between what is “human” and what is “ground” in the performative space.
” Urobòro” represents a process of contamination of various metals and water together. Thus creating real explosions that echo the origin of the cosmic egg.


SYNCRETISM will present to the public new Hyperobjects inspired by the merge of two apparently distant realities, Babylonian brutalist architectures and Bio-inspired computationally grown objects. This symbiosis is designed to provoke contemporary human thinking and to put us in a state of pre-knowledge and mental reset.

For the occasion, the Berlin-based duo @crosslucid will present scenes of their constantly in process project “Dwellers between the Waters”, a multi-channel installation AI-driven that combines artificial intelligence with the practice of magic and alchemy. The aim of the Artwork is to seek possible solutions in response to the traumas of the contemporary anthropos.

At the same time, the artist and performer Mauro Ventura (aka @salivasollidha ) presents ADAMASTORA (produced with Francisco Antão): an immersive lore that recontextualizes water nymphs, sirens, and monsters with a closed-mouth chant, luring us into the abyssal self, exploring our fears for prisoned inner voices. 


A/V Installation born thanks to the intersection of the two Milan-based Visual Artists Roxy Ceron and Laura Tura , accompanied by the musical background of Sense Fracture. Made in collaboration with T-mag and hosted by the poliedric space Vrients.

San Severo’s Chapel and alien abduction share the themes of secrecy and the unknown, as well as the use of dramatic lighting and surreal imagery of the esoteric beliefs. Strong in the artists was the fascination with alien abduction which reflects contemporary anxieties and fears. 


Intending to reconnect man to nature and reshape our presence in the world in a post-anthropocentric vision, HYPEROBJECTS: CHAPTER II presents the new collection dedicated to investigating the dichotomy between micro and macrocosm. In particular, the research focuses on the relationship between the fluidity of the biomorphic forms existing in nature and the rigidity of molecular architectures, consisting of invisible geometric reticles.

Through a creative process of computational design, HYPEROBJECTS creates a synthesis between the two aspects and opens up the possibility of creative/technological experimentation deeply linked to nature and its primordial geometric structures, to make visible to the human eye the contrast between the organic being and its structural architectures.

For the occasion, the artist and musician @visio____ , joined by @h_for_spirit on cello. The Polish duo Inside Job formed by @ula.lucinska and @michalknychaus (on show at the @eastcontemporary gallery) will exhibit twin portals in direct dialogue with Hyperobjects.


Apetala is the blooming of a mutant flower. Born without petals, from dust, and grown in a post-anthropocentric world. Apetala is the result of an intersection between the Hyperobject’s imaginary and the Polish artist-duo InsideJob (composed by @ula.lucinska and @michalknychaus ).

“Beauty is a nonviolent experience of near death, a warning that one is fragile, like everything else in the universe.”

― Timothy Morton, Realist Magic


Installation realized in collaboration with artist @tim.hoibjerg on the occasion of the opening of the Venice Art Biennale. Xenoforma was be open to the public in Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 1335 (Venice), from April 22 until May 2, 2022.

Tim Høibjerg (b. 1986) is a Norwegian visual artist. Living and working in between Oslo and Stockholm. He holds an MFA from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (2021) and a BFA from the Oslo Academy of Fine Arts (2019).
Høibjergs work has been featured widely and recent exhibition venues include MELK (Oslo), QB Gallery (Oslo), and Sørlandets Art Museum (Kristiansand, Norway) where he was nominated for artist of the year in 2020.

The installation aims to blur the line between what humans consider life. The Butcher Shop symbolizes how humans determine what life is and is not according to our consumerist desires. Tim Høibjerg teases this line by presenting one of his anthropomorphic pieces. 


We are ambassadors of a strong message of INTERDEPENDENCE. We are spreading this message through collaborations in different fields of arts and our first Chapter is here to show his capabilities. Thanks to the curations of ROXY CERON we are proudly announcing the collaborations with three multimedia artists that will join our cause and present their artworks in the historic frame of Futurdome, plus our first collection of cyborg extensions.

TADLEEH as a live performer and LOREM and VIOLA VITALI as multimedia Artists. All the artists involved are embracing the cause of HYPEROBJECTS in their ways, gifting a new point of view to a such deep concept. Finally, we are proud to present for the first time our Manifesto written by Petra Gogna.

@_tadleeh_ is a nascent project of indian-born, milan-based musician hazina francia. her club-heavy, brooding debut ep, ego will collapse, was released in summer 2019 on berlin’s yegorka label. hyperobjects are supporting underground artists, no consumerism just art.

DE 07 is the seventh iteration of the narrative universe being developed by @lorem____ around the bizarre figure of mirek hardiker. an american researcher and an artist of polish descent, hardiker has spent 21 years transcribing his dreams on a daily basis, building a mammoth archive that lorem used as a dataset to feed his generative neural networks. de07 is an audiovisual hallucination and an invitation to explode the boundaries between nature and artifice, truth and fiction, reality and text.

Viola Vitali ( aka @violablovia ) is a professional maker. she has a product design background, contaminated by japanese aesthetics and playful environments. in collaboration with hyperobjects we projected an interactive installation made to raise questions about the interdependence between us and the world of materia.

Hyperobjects are essential materials, minimal sculptures.
we are proud to announce our collaboration with @backbo.hub. thanks to their @realpreciousplastic machines we gave shape to hand-made recycled plastic cases.
we believe that experimentation is at the core of research to solutions of communitary issues.